For Those In Need Inc.

Mission Statement

For Those in Need, Inc. is dedicated to promoting the human rights and

welfare of orphans and vulnerable children who have special needs.

Value Statement

For Those in Need, Inc. is a strength based organization that is dedicated to

the utilisation of holistic treatment in children and adults with special needs

who may also be confronting emotional, physical, financial and spiritual distress.

Vision Statement

For Those in Need, Inc. holds as fundamental, the notion that by 

joining together as one, people with different talents and from different cultural backgrounds can bring the gift of love to help individuals and families heal themselves.

Intensive In-Home Treatment Services:

This service offers an intensive, homebased treatment for children and adults. This service is utilized to resolve major  discord with the family dynamics. In case, the discord is a result of trauma experienced by the child as a result of losing 2 parents who died because of AIDS. The extended family is also experiencing trauma due to the loss

 of the relative as well as trying to cope with the economic stress of taking in an additional child to feed because of the loss of parents. The goals are to support and try to provide family preservation as needed.

Crisis Intervention Treatment:

This service provides a treatment plan that provides adequate support to the 

individual and family along with practical or spiritual education to intervene during 

periods of disruption within the home the orphan is living in when behavioral problems occur as a consequence of trauma experienced by the orphan.

Family Assessments

Family Assessments will be conducted at each home to give the PRP worker a full picture of who in the home provides support to the orphan so that assessment tools are utilized to examine the family dynamics and to assist in making the appropriate recommendations to aid the family in coping with the loss of 

the parents.