Honors and Titles:


In 2012, at a ceremony in Charlotte NC, was awarded title of Fellow with the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD)  


Was invited to a reception at Cypriot Embassy in February, 2016 by His Excellency, Ambassador Chacalli, Cyprus Ambassador to the US. The purpose of the reception was to thank the UCY team and myself for conducting workshops in 2000 onsite and conducting a teleconference at the University of Cyprus in April 2015.


Was invited to a reception at the home of the Botswana Ambassador to the US in Potomac MD in June 2011 celebrating a concert held by The United Congregational Church of Southern Africa Broadhurst choir at Howard University.

Invited guest at the Madagascar Embassy, June 1999 in a meeting with the President of the Virginia Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Madagascar Ambassador to the US located on Mass Ave, NW Washington, DC.


Named outstanding employee by the Alexandria Community Services Board in 2003.


President, Black Student Union, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, 1992.

Co-Founder, the Coalition, an umbrella organization consisting of leaders of all black organizations at each school at Harvard University working together to collectively call for change in the treatment of Women of color and stop discrimination against African American faculty at the Harvard School of law who at that time in 1992, were unable to become tenured professors. Due to the efforts of the Coalition and other students and faculty at Harvard and around the world, Harvard did finally change its policy and hire more female and women of color in particular as professors at various schools within the University and allow Black women to become tenured professors at the Law school by the end of the decade.  


Director, Community Residences Family Education Institute 1998 to 1999. This Institute was created to educate families in the Washington, DC metro area on how to provide health care and long-term security for their adult children with mental and other developmental disabilities. The Washington Post listed the FEI as one of 3 agencies in the metro area that disseminated information and assistance to families on how to provide long term supports for their loved one with a mental disability. Developed, designed and published a FEI booklet for distribution to thousands of families in the Washington, DC metro area.


Invited to speak at the Mary McLeod Bethune House in Washington DC on Civil Rights Icon Victoria Grey Adams, co-founder of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and showed excerpts of her interview in the PBS video “Standing on my Sisters Shoulders”, February, 2007.


Was also invited to join the late legendary Civil Rights leader Dr. Dorothy Height, as she reflected on the role of women and the National Council of Negro Women in the March on Washington. This event took place on Saturday, August 23, 2008, and was hosted at the NCNW Headquarters, 633 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC.


Professional and Civic Affiliations


Ambassador, Fairfax County Disproportionality and Disparity Prevention and Elimination Team (DDPET)


Member, Fairfax County Community Services Board Training Committee


Former Chair, the Community Residences Clinical Review Committee from 1998 to 2000. Analyzed, reviewed all adverse incident reports as they affected service delivery regarding persons with ID, DD and co-occurring MH/ID disorders in all CR residential treatment programs. Ensured compliance with Virginia licensure, human rights and CSB documentation.


Founder & Coordinator, The Family Congress for families of people with mental health issues in Arlington, Virginia on April 17th, 1999. The Congress was composed of workshops, discussions and keynote presentations for families concerned about the long-term security of their mentally disabled family members.  The Community Residences Family Education Institute served as a liaison with other national and local disability, advocacy and other health care organizations. Community partners of the Congress included the Arlington Health Foundation, the Community Residences Foundation and the ARC of Northern Virginia. Major stakeholders and presenters included Edward Brazil, President of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Russell Garth, Chairman of the Board of the ARC of Northern Virginia.  Other speakers included Jerry Rugel, an Attorney at Law specializing in Disability Rights.


~ A full list of publications and presentations available upon request ~