Company List

Here is a list of companies owned and co-owned by E. Geronimo Robinson as well as a list of the organizations Mr. Robinson holds a leadership position in.

Geronimo Robinson is President of Issac and Imani Inc. See the For Those In Need (OVC proposal) developed by I & I Inc. to serve orphans in Botswana and Southern Africa at:

Geronimo Robinson is an investor and shareholder with a spa and wellness center in Waldorf, Maryland named Total Sensory Wellness Center. Go to the website to see what services are offered at:

Geronimo Robinson was recently named President of the Board of Directors for the Municipal Opera Company of Baltimore, founded in 1991. It is one of less than a handful of opera companies in the US founded by an African American Opera singer. To see information about MOCB go to:

Geronimo Robinson, in September 2006, was asked to become acting chair of the Multicultural Special Interest Group in the American Association on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (formerly AAMR). Geronimo chaired the MSIG in 1998, which was formerly named the Minority Concerns and Issues Committee in AAMR. This committee was responsible for designing and advocating for changes in how individuals with disabilities are assessed clinically so that minority groups and particularly black American male children would not disproportionately be given a label of mental retardation.